Is world peace a utopia?

Is world peace a utopia?

For ages, men have been looking forward to live in a world where peace prevails. During the previous eras, those in power tried to build a peaceful world, whereas the other who are deprived of power had to run away from violence to find peace. Nowadays, several people are working days and nights to set up a new political system and build a new world where peace reigns.

A defender of peace named Prem Rawat, is sending out messages of peace, hoping that one day, we will live in a peaceful world. On top of that, Prem Rawat even set up a Foundation which was named after him, which aims at undertaking humanitarian actions and restoring peace. But is it conceivable? Read this article to know more about the idea of a world of peace, a utopia. To learn more information about Prem Rawat, you can visit

What is utopia?

Literally, a utopia refers to an inconceivable project. This implies that this project does not take reality into account. Likewise, a utopia represents a society without any form of violence, such as conflicts, wars, and daily constraints. In fact, it is an ideal or an imaginary society, which is difficult or impossible to build.

Through equality and liberty

The creation of a peaceful earth is feasible as long as the best conception of peace is adopted. Many researchers claim that a world of peace does not necessarily mean a world without war. They also believe that in order to make the whole world live in peace, it is mandatory to eliminate the possibility of any conflicts or wars.

If we really want to create a new world, human rights have to be respected since they play an important role in its creation. Freedom needs to be given an extremely high value. In addition to that, it is essential that everyone be equally free and possess the same rights. The freedom we are living in nowadays is too far away from such an ideal freedom. In our society, when something does not meet our expectations, some immediately think about nothing else but resorting to violence.

However, we are used to forgetting. The positive vision of a peaceful environment is, therefore, based on freedom and equality. A world where people, sharing peaceful coexistence, are heading towards their own progress while partaking the same objective, which is development.

Through moral motivation

It is possible to feel the presence of a peaceful dwelling; however, everything starts from a good moral value before we could build a world where peace rules over everything. If 10 % of the population are strongly optimistic about the creation of a world of peace, then, it will happen. Our willingness to search for such a wonderful world is enough to create a foretaste of genuine peace.

If we adopt that way of thinking, or if it becomes a human trend, everyone will eventually refer to a life which consists in the intensive search for a peaceful world. Optimism gains a great importance in the conception of the world of tomorrow. It has once given permission to men to steal, to sail, to communicate to each other from a distance; therefore, why won't it allow the creation of a peaceful earth?