Philosophers' theory you need to read to have an idea about peace

Peace and utopia
Philosophers' theory you need to read to have an idea about peace

Philosophy is a multidisciplinary science which can talk and study about everything. Peace is among the best subjects that philosophy can study about. Serenity is obviously what people are looking for in today's world. The main contrast between those who are looking for serenity is that everyone has his own definition of harmony.

For Prem Rawat, a well-known peace ambassador, for him, freedom from strife is based on mutual help, harmony and the absence of conflict. As a result, he sends out peace messages all around the globe in order to reach the goal of establishing serenity. To do so, he has even created a Foundation called after his name Prem Rawat. What are the possible links between philosophy and peace?

Here is a list of philosophers who wrote about peace so that you can have an idea about them

Thomas Hobbes

As far as the philosophy of peace is concerned, Thomas Hobbes is a philosopher who focused on the notion of shared peace and life in harmony. He joins Emmanuel Kant's point of view on the fact that equality is a key solution for the attainment of peace. From his point of view, the way to govern oneself is an insurmountable and stumbling obstacle.

Therefore, it is essential that power be well-balanced and a ruler be impartial towards his surroundings. However, in order to reach this genuine peace, it is crucial that the world we live in is peaceful.

Jean Eric Bitang

His philosophy is based on reflection and morality. Everyone has his own notion of truth; hence, he needs to prove that peace is a self-conception. In his book, peace and philosophy are obviously in contrast.

However, he defends philosophy to prevent any thought from arising, because thought is considered as the enemy of peace. In fact, he defines harmony as a quest but not a state. Hence, everyone must perform his own quest so that peace can be real and lived.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

A renowned French writer, Jean-Jacques Rousseau is a philosopher who also brings the pursuit of true peace to light through several concepts. He evaluates peace as a necessity, just like the act of eating, being in a safe position or even being free. He relies on the necessity of making this idea of peace more tangible.

Emmanuel Kant

Whenever we are talking about the concept of tranquility and philosophy at the same time, it is essential that you read about Emmanuel Kant's theory. He is the founder of eternal peace. From his consideration, peace is not utopian. If some principles are well established, this situation can be reached easier one day or another. It is mandatory that we take in consideration the idea of peace as the absence of conflict or war.

The ideal must be based on the impossibility of war. Therefore, it is crucial that we launch and highlight the values of human rights. And most importantly, it is fundamental that the value of freedom and the equality of all people be enhanced.