Focus on the key concepts in philosophy

Philosophy and peace
Focus on the key concepts in philosophy

Since the time of the famous philosopher Socrate, philosophy has always played an important role in a social life. There are several renowned philosophers, whether it was before or nowadays. They have always endeavored to keep the same principles in philosophy.

To put it differently, the concepts of philosophy have remained the same since their creation. The main objective of philosophy consists of the quest for wisdom. And these rhymes well with peace.

Nowadays, it is primordial to maintain peace in spite of all worldly issues. That is the reason why an ambassador of peace named Prem Rawat does his best to preserve it. He has even created the Prem Rawat Foundation which has performed several actions for peace. Additionally, the concepts of peace can be related to those of philosophy.

This is a focus on the key concepts of philosophy

Philosophy love of wisdom

Philosophy is not in agreement in anything except in its definition. But apart from that, all philosophical ideas are contradictory, and each concept depends on who exercises it. Philosophy can be defined as the love for wisdom. That is the etymological definition of the word philosophy.

But equally, it can also be defined as a set of principles and the reasons for the state of an object. It is the devotion to give a definition to something. Traditionally, a philosopher was even called a wise man. However, it did not conform to the principles, since they are still in the quest for wisdom.


As opposed to the concept vulgar, idealism refers to a philosophic doctrine which consists of neglecting the external. This means, a state of mind which separates what has initially been there, to determine what could be done with it. This totally differs from the concept about living for the ideal.

From the idealistic concept of philosophy, it could be concluded that to live, it is to be perceived. In other words, true life is the one we live in society.


The concepts of physical determinism and moral determinism are often mentioned. These refer to all the notions in philosophy. Determinism is a concept which marks the limits of a situation, an object or an idea.

In philosophy, it is crucial to know how to identify an object. That is why the concept of determinism belongs to science. It is a means used to accomplish different kinds of scientific research.


Created by Socrates, Maïeutics is the art of creating news ideas. In this case, the questioner is opposed to the questionee. The questionee himself will find the truth that he thinks he has not possessed. The Maïeutics aims at affirming that everybody possesses knowledge and truth without being conscious about it.


Freedom is an important subject in the field of philosophy. Other disciplines also use the concept of freedom, but it is better expanded in philosophy. To be free implies living state without any constraints, far from being refrained from doing whatever you please. However, there are two main contradictory ideas in this field.

One of these affirms that man should reflect the society in which he lives. Therefore, freedom depends on the society. The other concept maintains that genuine freedom is the one which gives us permission to live without any border.